Mechanizing Building Construction

We are a sustainability focused, robotics company helping construction companies improve workforce productivity, reduce worker injuries & deliver assured quality in building masonry.

Ongoing Initiatives

Our robots move, lift and place heavy blocks with precision during building construction, thus dramatically reducing human impact, and speeding up construction process. 



Mukund Nambirajan


Brings 18+ years of proven success in launching New Product Introduction, International business growth, and executing technology led Digital transformations. Worked across China, Middle east, Europe, and South East Asia.


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Anant Shukla


Brings expertise in robotics, automation and control systems. Has led award winning construction startups in Europe and one of the largest Robotic organizations in India.


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Collaborative Robotic Mason

Semi-automated collaborative robotic mason to accelerate block laying activities in building construction.

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Semi-Autonomous Material Hauler

Robust semi-autonomous material hauler supporting manual labour in building construction projects.


ESG Focus

We believe that sustainable and affordable infrastructure development is key to building inclusive societies, and we are committed to addressing construction sector’s challenges around high worker injuries, high material wastage and enabling the Industry's business sustainability. 


Industry sector with highest injuries & least protection

Workforce Sustainability:

Ensuring workforce safety, by automating heavy lifting & risky tasks, thus reducing risk of injuries from intense labor.


Industry sector responsible for 10% of global waste

Environmental Sustainability:

Avoiding construction material waste through intelligent sensor driven handling, introduction of alternative eco-friendly building materials in construction.


Industry sector with highest number of insolvencies

Business Community Sustainability: Ensuring improved margins and agility for construction businesses, while significantly reducing operating and financial risks associated with construction projects.