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Mechanizing Building Construction

We are a sustainability focused, robotics company helping construction companies improve workforce productivity, reduce worker injuries & deliver assured quality in building masonry.

Industry Challenges


Outdated tools & practices resulting in chronic disorders and worksite injuries to workers while offering the least protection.


3 Billion Tonnes of annual construction waste responsible for 10% of global waste, due to 1/3 of total building material wasted.


A shrinking talent pool with 25-40% of skilled, aging workforce planning to retire by 2030, and few takers among millennials


Lowest workforce productivity (gross value added in terms of output per hour worked remaining at a standstill since 1945)


Capital constrained Industry with unmitigated operational risks and razor thin margins resulting in amongst highest number of insolvencies

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High Carbon Footprint Concrete, steel, and aluminum – are responsible for 23% of total global emissions (most used in built environment)

Ongoing Initiatives

We are currently working on two fronts, a collaborative robot to help mechanize construction masons and accelerate building construction, and a material hauler machine to carry heavy loads (within 500kgs) within construction site. 



Mukund Nambirajan

Chief Entrepreneur

Brings 18+ years of proven success in launching New Product Introduction, International business growth, and executing technology led Digital transformations. Worked across China, Middle east, Europe, and South East Asia.


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Why We Exist

General Systems, seeks to introduce new AI led smart machines to automate labour dependent, highly manual activities. We believe that sustainable and affordable infrastructure development is key to building inclusive societies, and are committed to addressing construction sector’s challenges around low workforce productivity, high worker injuries, high material wastage and enabling the Industry's business sustainability. 

Active Projects

Collaborative Robotic Mason

Semi-automated collaborative robotic mason to accelerate block laying activities in building construction.

Robo Hauler.jpeg

Semi-Autonomous Material Hauler

Robust semi-autonomous material hauler supporting manual labour in building construction projects.

Why Us
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